About GistHouse

Gisthouse, a Gist360 Incorporated app, is the first-of-its-kind audio-conversation social media platform, with several gamification and monetization features powered by Gistcoin token. The primary goal of the company is to empower people everywhere to have great conversations, meetings, and training while getting rewarded in the process. The gisthouse project is the key to a new form of digital connectivity through audio-based social media with several enabling features and a rewarding system.

Based on its declared objectives and the series of monetization features, Gisthouse is the perfect audio conversation and meeting tool for influencers, streamers, musicians, content creators, artists, and brands seeking to engage the global social media community, and earn from the content that they share across the platform. 

Gisthouse, a new audio drop-in app that rewards its users for having great conversations, has taken the exploding audio conversation social media industry into the gamification and monetization zone. With the focus and features on the Gisthouse app, the project behind the Gistcoin cryptocurrency, the company has finally found a way for content creators and users of audio-based social media to gamify and monetize their conversations, meetings, and training right inside the app.

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