ALI BABA IS GISTHOUSE “AFRICAN LIVING LEGEND OF THE MONTH” – Gisthouse, the 1st Afrocentric Audio Conversation Platform, has announced Ali Baba as its “BLACK AFRICAN LIVING LEGEND” for the month of November 2022

ALI BABA IS GISTHOUSE “AFRICAN LIVING LEGEND OF THE MONTH” – Gisthouse, the 1st Afrocentric Audio Conversation Platform, has announced Ali Baba as its “BLACK AFRICAN LIVING LEGEND” for the month of November 2022


As part of the Gisthouse vision to perennially celebrate the best of black Africa, and highlight the black African experience through global conversations, Gisthouse Audio Platform proudly honors Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, popularly known as Ali Baba, as its Black African Living Legend and inspirational icon for the month of November.


Ali Baba was selected after a rigorous internal and external selection exercise, by its users and management, that involved consideration of the most outstanding living black Africans.


Dr. Ope Banwo, the Founder and Gistmaster at Gisthouse Audio App, while unveiling the Gisthouse Living Legend Award For the month of November 2022 at a press conference, said “We are most excited and privileged to announce Ali Baba, the undisputed King of Comedy and legendary all-round entertainer as the Afrocentric Living Legend for The Month of November 2022.”.


He further explained that “Ali Baba was chosen out of dozens of other worthy African legends for his lifetime body of work in elevating the art of comedy, acting, and hosting events in the context of the Afrocentric experience. He has not only excelled as a comedian, but he also literally wrote the script for turning comedy from a pastime side hustle for most comedians, into a serious and respected profession in the business of entertainment.


According to the Gisthouse App Visioner, “Beyond establishing himself as the undisputed king of African comedy, master of ceremonies and Outstanding actor, Ali Baba has also mentored and helped a whole generation of Africans to turn their talents as comedians into a full-time occupation and impactful vocation”.


Gisthouse will be celebrating Ali Baba as its November Living Legend of the Month in several ways during the month of November


According to Mr. Joseph Abara, the Gisthouse Chief Operating Officer (COO), “Gisthouse Platform will be honoring our Ali Baba as our platform icon in all Appstore’s, and as our Profile picture on all our social media handles throughout the month of November.”


Mr. Abara further explained that “In addition, we shall be declaring the 15th of each month as the Living Legend Day on the Gisthouse Platform to celebrate our living Legend of the month with different special rooms to celebrate him and his body of work and also hosting him to a special event on the same day on the Gisthouse platform”


Gisthouse management calls on all Black Africans to help them congratulate and celebrate Ali Baba this month and beyond for his immeasurable contribution to uplifting the Black African identity and talents globally through his body of work in the entertainment


About Gisthouse Platform:

Gisthouse is the 1st Afrocentric Audio conversation platform that rewards users for having great conversations.


Gisthouse is a next-level audio conversation platform that has successfully merged the best of audio apps like Clubhouse, Twitter spaces, and Zoom apps into an integrated platform for people and businesses from all walks of life.


With its industry-leading features and benefits, the Gisthouse Platform provides a safe and rewarding environment for people of all colors to host different rooms on any topic, and provides advanced features for profitable conversations on everything including Business, Politics, Religion; Personal development, self-development, Dating; Business Meetings; Networking, Friends and Family meetings, etc.


The Gisthouse platform is available for free download on all Appstore and rewards all new and old users with its own cryptocurrency that also acts as the platform means of exchange, gamification, and interaction.


You can download and find out more about Gisthouse’s free audio platform at https://www.Gisthouse.com/app

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