GistHouse Founder Splashes Over N20 Million On App Users at Christmas GistSanta Event

GistHouse Founder Splashes Over N20 Million On App Users at Christmas GistSanta Event

It was raining serious Cash, Software, gifts, and Cryptocurrency at the GISTHOUSE GISTSANTA SHOW hosted by Dr. Ope Banwo, the Founder of the new GistHouse Afrocentric Audio conversation platform, on Christmas Eve, as the platform founder rewarded loyal users on the app with amazing cash and gifts

The highlight of the GistSanta Event was the All-Expenses paid trip to Dubai valued at over $5,000 cash for the Platform’s 2022 MVP Users- Vaughn Itemuagbor and Bayo Babatunde, for their indelible contributions to the platform for the year 2022.

Apart from the all-expenses paid trip to Dubai reward given to GistHouse App’s top users, Dr. Ope Banwo also splashed millions of naira in cash, software gifts, and gistcoins to Best Platform users in 12 categories including:

1. Seth Omoniyi, Most Supportive Original Gister of The Year, Prize: Launchify360 ($1,999)

2. Joy Fapohunda, Best Gistroom Troll of The Year, Prize: Designa software $97 plus N10,000 Cash Plus 50,000 Gistcoin.

3. Shina Oludare, Best Referral of The Year, Prize: Product Launch Mastery Certification Course $499 (N360,000) plus N20,000 and 50,000 Gistcoin.

4. Emmanuel Jegede (Unik-royal), Best Gist Moderator of The Year, Prize: Designa software $97 (N70,000) plus N10,000 cash and 20,000 Gistcoin

5. Steve Evergreen, Best Gister of The Year, Prize: Deadly sin of product launch $37, Digital business goldmine $37, plus N10,000 cash and 10,000 Gistcoin.

6. Jimmy Carto, The Most Impactful Short Term Executive of The Year, Prize: Launchify360 training $1,999 (N1,500,000) plus N50,000 cash and 50,000 Gistcoin

7. Gabriel Nwankwo, Best Developer of The Year, Prize: Freelancer Certification $97 (N70,000) and N20,000 cash.

8. Emmanuel Jegede (Unik-royal), Best New User Onboarder. Prize: 12 commandments of digital marketing $37 (N25,000) plus N10,000 cash and 10,000 Gistcoin.

9. Joshua Uzoma, Most Delightful Developer To Work With, Prize: Digital business goldmine $37 plus Product Launch Mastery Certification $499 (N360,000)

10. Kamran Dickadi, Best Room Of The Year, Prize: Digital business goldmine $37, Multiple Streams Of Cryptocurrency Income $37, N10,000 cash and 10,000 Gistcoin.

11. Jimmy Carto and Bayo Babatunde, Best Executive Of The Year, Prize: Visa consultation, Digital business Goldmine, and N50,000 cash.

12. Kamran Dickadi, Best Room Title Of The Year, Prize: Confession Of A Guru Wannabe $37 (N25,000)

To ensure that everyone that attended the GISTSANTA Event on the Audio App leaves with a reward, the charismatic tech founder also gave everyone present (over 300 people) different gives ranging from $67 softwares to $1,997 (for a total value of over N10,000,000 plus training programs.

In addition, he also gave every one of the 300+ people present N2,000 cash for data and 2,000 Gistcoins each

The 6-hour event on Christmas Event on Gisthouse was a great event mixed with snippets of stories about Jesus and the purpose of Christmas

What is GistHouse Platform?
Gisthouse is Africa’s #1 Audio Conversation App in the mold of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces but with an Afrocentric focus

Users of the app can create or join free conversations in different room formats of Open, Private, or Paid Rooms. The platform is ideal for social media users, businesses, content creators, professionals, association clubs, and anyone interested in having great conversations

The GistHouse app Platform is the only audio app currently rewarding its users for downloading and creating accounts on the platform.

To find more about the free GistHouse platform and the awesome benefits for all users, check it out on all AppStores or at https://gisthouse.com/app




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