Update On GistHouse Referral Challenge Daily Contest – Day 3

The GistHouse Audio Platform is giving away over $10,000 in cash and Gistcoin during the Christmas referral challenge.

GistHouse Referral Challenge kicked off on the 5th of December, and we have over 1,000 participants.

$100 in cash and crypto was shared among our top 3 winners on the third day of the contest.

Top 3
1. Olaniyi Folahan (Won $50 in cash and crypto)

2. Apostle Praise (Won $30 in cash and crypto)

3. Tosin Morakinyo (Won $20 in cash and crypto)

GistHouse, the 1st Afrocentric Audio Conversation Platform that rewards users for having great conversations invite all social media users to participate in the ‘GistHouse Referral Challenge’ a special Christmas rewards program for its platform users from Dec 5th to 18th 2022.

How To Participate:

Step 1- Earn 500 Gistcoins just for Downloading the Free GistHouse App on Gisthouse.com/app and confirm your profile account (if you already have a gistHouse account, go to step 2 below)

Step 2 – Earn 10 Cents (N75) in cash PLUS 500 Gistcoins for each person you refer to the GistHouse Platform with your referral link from Dec 5th to 18th.

Step 3– In addition, you also Earn 10% ongoing Residual Income from any income earned by each person you refer to the app for as long as they use the app.

Step 4– Apart from the cash and crypto earned for each referral by everyone, the TOP 10 finishers in the referral challenge will also share another $5,000 in special prizes (The top prize is $1,000 in cash and crypto)

For full details on how to participate and win cash and crypto in the Gisthouse Referral Challenge Christmas giveaways: www.Gisthouse.com/challenge

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