Gisthouse Founders Release Beta version Of Audio Gisting App As Crowdsale Opens

In a welcome surprise development for enthusiastic members of the audio conversation and crypto community, the founders of GistHouse this morning unveiled the MVP and Beta Version of their groundbreaking Afrocentric audio-conversation app, GISTHOUSE, from weight loss their headquarters in the USA, even as Gistcoin, the crowdfunding vehicle for the GistHouse Project, officially goes into public crowd sale today.

Dr. Ope Banwo, the Founder/CEO, flagged by Segun Sega Awosanya, the GistHouse Director of Technical Services, and Vaughn Itemuagbor, the Chief Technical Officer, shared the screenshots of the app and the web links for gisthouse enthusiasts to apply for the free download the most valuable product (MVP) iteration of the GistHouse new app

Dr. Ope Banwo, the Visionary Founder and Ceo, while speaking about the vision of the new entrant into the audio conversation social media space, said “GistHouse is the Afrocentric response to the growing audio conversation industry. The app not only builds upon the features already existing in first-generation audio apps like Clubhouse, Green Room, and Twitter Spaces, it actually takes the game to another level that will automatically allow users to maximize their conversations, gamify their communities and monetize their experience on the GistHouse audio-gisting social media platform

Taking up from where the Founder left off, Mr. Segun Sega Awosanya, the new Director of Technical Services at Gisthouse explained further: “What we have done is to take notes of most of the user frustrations on the few existing audio platforms, and built our whole ecosystem to solve those problems while also introducing new and exciting features that will make Gisthouse the go-to app on audio conversations all over the world.”

According to Sega Awosanya, “GistHouse, unlike other apps in its genre, recognizes that YOU, the User, is the King and we have factored in many game-changing features to reward you for being an active user on our groundbreaking app”

He then went on to explain that some of the unique features of Gisthouse you will not find on other audio platforms include

  • Get rewarded with GISTCOINs when you open your account during the opening month of October, get rewarded with GISTCOINs when you open your first room and for achieving follower milestones.
  • Ability to Monetize your content immediately inside the app
  • Gamify your community and deepen interactions and participation by
    your community members with a built in token
  • You can now Get paid by sponsors to sponsor your rooms
  • As a content creator, you can now Buy and sell your content right inside the app
  • Room Conveners, GistMods, Gisters and Gistees can now give and receive tips in transferable and Monetizable tokens
  • Users can Gamify their community with ease with a unified borderless GistCoin token that eliminates global currency exhangeeabilty
  • Users, who are actually the ones creating value on any platform, can now Get compensated for life by Gisthouse for everyone they referred to the Gisthouse community. This is huge for influencers with massive followers they can introduce to the app (you get compensated for life for every follower or friend you refer to the app!)

    In addressing specific offerings to create quick adoption of Gisthouse by social media enthusiasts, Gisthouse also announced major incentives for adopters of the free audio platform during its Beta stage.

Early downloaders and users of the free Gisthouse app between now and December receive benefits that have not been previously offered by other apps. Specifically, selected new users during the beta phase (October to December) will be rewarded in appreciation of their early faith in the app:

  • You get paid with transferable utility tokens for opening your GistHouse account
  • You get utility tokens for for creating rooms
  • You rewarded for life for inviting your friends to join the app
  • You get rewarded in tokens for achieving followership and club milestones on the app

According to Mr. Samuel Olatunji, the PR Consultant for Gisthouse in Africa, “With the release of an advanced MVP and beta version of the GistHouse App to the public, GistHouse management is signaling to the global community, and its crowdfunding supporters through the gistcoin token sale, that the GistHouse Project will not be like most crowdfunded projects that never saw the light of day for a year. The management will continue to surprise the market by staying ahead of its timeline as explained in its whitepaper. We https://casillascontracting.us/most-slot-machines-in-las-vegas/ will then have a look at the situation in the individual States. ”

GISTHOUSE will be in the beta phase from October – December 2021 and the promoters expect to get at least 100,000 users on the platform during the first 2 months of its limited beta testing phase.

Applications to be part of the beta testers ahead of a wide release in December can be submitted at www.GistHouse.com/pioneers.

Members of the public can also participate in The Gistcoin token Crowdsale to raise public support for the project at www.Gistcoin.io

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