five ways GistHouse innovates the audio-gisting socia

You may have heard about ClubHouse, Green Room and Twitter Space: they are amazing social media, but GistHouse takes the audio-gisting social media experience to another level.

Here are five ways GistHouse innovates the audio-gisting social media industry:

1. Gisthouse, is an advanced Audio-based Social Media Platform which is monetized and gamified using a decentralized token to provide lasting solutions to major problems in the rapidly evolving Social Media communities.

2. The Audio Conversation-based Social Media Platform will be able to compensate Content Creators for creating rooms, managing clubs, and imparting users on audio-based social media platforms.

3. The Platform will gamify the use of the Audio Social Media platforms by content creators and users by offering different token rewards for different milestones and different actions taken by users of the platform (i.e., for opening accounts, for inviting people to the platform, for achieving followership milestones, to compensate best content creators, reward best room attendees, etc.)

4. GistHouse App brings innovative Solutions to major problems that have limited the potential and maximization of the experience of content creators and platform users in the Social Media Industry. The Audio Platform users will be able to access premium content by content creators with exchangeable tokens.

5. Content Creators can provide premium content to platform users by charging the convertible Gistcoin tokens for different premium content.

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