Covid hit hard causing a major change on how Business owners approach their business. Business owners who were just starting up had a huge struggle coping with the pandemic. Big companies had to find ways to keep operating.

Building a great business post-covid-19 era wasn’t rosy because the method of communication had to change to keep operations going. Lots of employers had to let go of their valuable staff causing a rise in the unemployment rate around the world.

Studies show businesses that survived the pandemic had to leverage on working remotely and finding a means to communicate effectively with their staff. While this was a new way, it was challenging because we have to find the discipline to work without supervision and come up with a workspace other than the usual we had in offices.

As at today, lots of businesses struggle with communication because the world is still battling this pandemic and on the flip side some other businesses find it positive as a means of reducing expenses by having team meetings on audio platforms.

The new ultimate audio conversation platform, GistHouse acts as a means for business owners and staff to have private conversations relating to their official issues and also share the same app with millions of people all around the world.

Many business owners are leveraging GistHouse to promote their business and also network with individuals all over. Apps on the market don’t have their planned out for users and businesses.

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